Upstairs accommodation

The bedrooms on the first floor are reached by the old winding stone staircase, an intersting and original feature of the property. After 250 years of use some of the steps are nicely worn and
along with the narrowness and steepness this staircase at first looks quite daunting to use however all our guests have, by the end of their stay, become used to negotiating this historic feature.

Originally the whole of this floor would have been one room open to the roof, with heat provided by the kitchen downstairs and a small fireplace on this floor. Privacy would only have been
provided by hanging drapes. Now there are two bedrooms on this floor and both come with
window seats so that the view from the windows may be enjoyed to the full. The rooms feature fitted wardrobes and the master bedroom has a wash basin and that original fireplace. The master
bedroom has a double bed while the other bedroom has a bunk with a double lower bed. this can sleep three children or alternativly two adults.

As with the downstairs the original features have been preserved with modern comforts added for your convenience. All linen is provided for your stay and changed if your stay is longer than a week. If additional bedroom accommodation is required, there is the option of renting an adjacent bed and breakfast room, which also gives a second bathroom. The windows overlook the private garden area, please visit 'The Grounds' for further information regarding the outside facilities.

Stouphill Gate Ravenstonedale Cumbria